Falafel King hosts BEJE members in Chai For Two

Chai For Two are Knud Stuwe and David Mowat, performing at M Shed Bristol

David and Knud at Holocaust Memorial day  M Shed Bristol 2012

Chai For Two is made up of David Mowat and Knud Stuwe (see band members for details). On this occasion they are joined by oud and derabukka player Simon Leach.

They’re playing klezmer, Sephardic, Middle Eastern music and jazz. One cross-over from BEJE is a new tune that David wrote called ‘Justin’. It is Middle Eastern influenced, using a maqam or mode David learned when part of the Arabic Balkan Gypsy Band. Its improvisational rules are looser however than if following the traditional system. That’s just to  tell you about one out of twenty or so melodies we’ll be playing this afternoon.

For £3, on April 6th Sunday at 5pm, at the Falafel  King 6 Cotham Hill Bristol.  Do book a place if you want to come as the venue is small.






Marco Anderson

Marco Anderson at the BEJE album launch

I have some sad news and some good news. Marco Anderson our drummer is leaving the band (sad). Paolo Adamo is arriving (good).

I’ve known and played with Marco over a long period. He’s very reliable, professional, always delivers the goods musically and often gets the best comments at gigs from the audience!

However we both felt there was not quite a gelling in the band sound. These things happen as bands get establish and settle down.

I still intend to work with Marco. I heard him in another guise recently, the Jazz Gnats Electronique, ambient Joe Zawinal-esque music in the live acoustics of Saint Stephen’s Church. Perfect context for etherial trumpet playing I thought. So watch this space for news.

I’ll save my next blog to tell you about Paolo. So for now, Marco thank you very much for getting BEJE off to a very fine start and I look forward to collaborating with you in other ways.