BEJE at Bristol’s Big Green Week June 19th

Thursday 19th 8.30pm Future Inn Bristol £5 entry BEJE.016

I still have to finish setting my four poems ‘The Bridging Place’ about Bristol to music. In them I try and re-imagine the city and its natural location from the perspective of elemental powers-earth, water, fire and stone, putting human history and destiny in some kind of perspective.

I can’t decide whether to score them out accurately or indicate a ‘feel’ for the BEJE musicians to follow. Knud Stuwe set them originally in 2010 with a contemporary, Charles Ives-ish score. Fabulous, but not appropriate for this band. I’m going for a more paired-down earthy feel, closer to the bass-emphasis of the Beat era of jazz and poetry (so Pasquale, BEJE bass player is the man for it)

Now the practical bit: It’s at the Future Inn Bristol, Bond Street South (next to Cabot Circus giant carpark but there’s free parking in the hotelcarpark) Bristol BS1 3EN Tel: 0117 304 1010

Other numbers this evening will be from our ‘Live At The Fringe’ album. Plus one new one ‘Walled Garden’

The Big Green Week brochure advertised the gig as free which is innacurate I’m afraid. This used to be the case until recently at Future Inn but is no longer. The corrected message wasn’t picked up by the BGW editor, at least in time. Sorry about that.

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