Mike Collins, well known jazz pianist and trio leader appearing in November at the Teignmouth Jazz Festival with long-standing collaborator Lee Goodall on saxes, is also a jazz writer, penning articles for Jazz Wise from time to time I’ve noticed. Here’s part of his review of our CD

“…there’s a lively groove round every corner whether its the samba like lilt of Easter Rise, the township inflected Cagoulie or the calypos like All the Best. In between there are more reflective moments with the rich harmonic textures of ballad The Rainbows Gift and the modal jazz vibe of Equanimity. The CD, produced as the band formed and started gigging, made me want to go and see them live. The energy of the collective, the fluency of the players (if you don’t know them already) are all immediately evident and its hard not to grin at the irrepressible optimism of Dave Mowat’s writing and playing”. Full review is on

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