The interest from Prema Arts Centre [Fri May 22 8pm £12/9 in advance. Bethesda Chapel South Street Uley (Nr Dursley) Gloucestershire GL11 5SS] allows us to present ourselves as ‘world music’ whilst others see us as ‘modern jazz’. It all depends what a programmer thinks their audience likes. What people actually like when we get to a gig may be different to what we think we like as experience (usually) trumps preconception. I’m always trying to think how to present the band, whilst band members tell me not to compromise on the quality of the music that emerges on stage from the improvising dialogue that pushes us into ever more open and exciting places. It’s an interesting place to be as band leader, recpetive to the music making as a fellow musician, but also attentive to to the audience before they arrive and when actually there.

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